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Why do you think it's so common for women to fake orgasms?

I don't know if all women fake orgasms. In Portugal, for instance, it would be considered silly and slightly demeaning for the man - as if he somehow needed that sort of reassurance.

Sex is a lot more honest here. If you come, you come. If you don't, you don't. No big deal. There's certainly no discussion afterwards about "how good it was for you".

On the other hand, if the woman wants to come she won't accept not coming and will cajole and indeed badger her lover (caring nothing for his feelings or fatigue) to keep on going or do whatever's needed for her to finally come.

Men accept this as part of the deal and do their best to pretend they enjoy it, to help their partners' concentration and get the damn thing over and done with. So if anyone fakes anything, it's the men. Though giggles are frequent and distracting, specially when it's physically obvious the man's ardour is diminished.

Mostly, though, people just enjoy the sex. Coming just for the sake of coming is considered a waste of resources and opportunity. Men often give up on a second orgasm when women finally reach their first. Actually they save it for a bit later. Fucking and love-making are far too enjoyable and playful.

There are a lot of different names for love-making. Here are some:

1) fodinha(literally "itsy-bitsy fuck"): a sweet, quickish and essentially selfish fuck, undertaken just to assuage a sudden horniness on the part of one of the two lovers. It's a letting-off of steam, generally because there'll be a better opportunity later, and ends when the horny partner comes.

2) foduncha(literally "chunky fuck"): a "see what happens" fuck, where both are keen but not desperate. It ends when whoever comes first comes.

3)fodinha obrigada(literally "thank you fuck"): it's a request fuck. Whoever's eager asks for a compassionate gift-fuck. The partner providing the gift doesn't even try to enjoy it - that's part of the fun. Being a gift, these favours are counted and "owed".

4)fodinha o-o(literally "bye-byes fuck"): a fuck exclusively destined to provoke sleep. This one demands mutual orgasms or extreme tiredness, whatever comes first.

5)foda(literally "fuck"): the real thing, violent and tender, long and profoundly satisfying to both.

There's certainly no shame in wanting it badly or not wanting it particularly, in coming inadvertently or not being able to come after much effort. It's fun and it makes for a very varied and, above all, friendly, accomplice-style sex life.

So I think I know why the Italian guy kept going. Because his lover would have made his life hell if he'd have caved in. Specially if being watched was part of her pleasure.

Well that's a comment I certainly didn't think I'd ever make...

posted by MiguelCardoso at 8:13 PM PST on August 19 2002

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