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Cross-context world examination

Yeah, and still it's absolutely hilarious how people from the world where „individual“ and „successful“ are kind of synonims are fighting the teams of organized personal privacy harrassment terrorists and failing one after another exactly because of that reason — it's the „don't touch me without a reason“ thing that annoys and gives enough place for pranks of different kind and long-ago-established habit for loneliness that doesn't let them team up against the tide. It's interesting to see how things happen and evolve — observer can easily notice the hot spots of boiling among distibuted mass of casual LJ-users and how these hot spots become new centers of the action, and push the attackers forth.

Observation: directed, but not-well-organized forces of seemingly spontaneous easy-entertainment-seekers are showing us the paradox — children who were brought under what westerns' call a „totalitarian life-style“ conditions are better skilled for individual thinking and have overall evolutional advantage in the case of direct opposition.

Remember school, where boys and girls who are already sort of socialized enough to feel themselves as the part of the whole class, humiliate children who are not yet the part of the class, who are freshmen and who will yet have to get used to the constant state of being crowded? Children are cruel in teaching other children how to behave and act in the group. But the real world is worse and no one (with the exception of some of your friends, I guess) will ever care about your feelings.

It really looks odd when people whine and complain when it's actually their choice and decision to change the situation.

Another new thing for me that popped up recently is that whining idiocy of «please, don't add me if I don't know you» is not only american thing (as we used to think). It's rather „whole-world-behind-the-iron-curtain“ thing. Europe, the States, I suppose — some in Great J, too. I wonder what will be the reaction of korean, chinese, cuban lj-users? Oh, my.

We are going to open the can of worms, starting this massive extra-cultural expansion and beginning with those small wars that already give us first results — terminated accounts and incredible level of tension. Privacy is the thing one can loose easily. But russians seem to know how to cope with it easily — using all the ways that are still stay available to protect themselves and knowing that there's no granted privacy except unless it was established, assured and secured by themselves.

And much worse is the situation for those privacy-spoilt, who got used that they are in private by default. Taking the privacy for granted, they are going to discover many-many new and unpleasant things on the citizen-state relationships when your data is all under the control of the state; as well as realizing that what is happening now — is only the beginning. You aren't invisible until you at least try to hide. Crowd doesn't cover any of its single members.

Go-go-go! Expand your borders! Open your mind!

... and you'll see that it's the passionarity that makes the world go round.

Я считаю, что eril» ] ошибается. Конфликт культур будет всегда и это совершенно не значит, что поговорка „в чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят“ — образец поведения. Ещё как ходят — всё сжигают, забирают культурные и материальные ценности и развиваются, отбирая под себя новые пространства. Несмотря на то, что в последние годы всемирная экспансия потеряла свой чисто территориальный стимул (так как неоткрытых пространств не осталось, мир уже поделен и делится, кстати, снова и снова), культурные и идеологические программы по-прежнему продолжают свою борьбу.

Естественный отбор представит сильнейших. И мы — не последние игроки в этом безумии.

Со своим уставом не ходят туда, куда ты приходишь гостем. Где ты в меньшинстве. И только-то. В этом смысле оригинал — „в Риме веди себя как римлянин“ гораздо правильнее — потому что слышится продолжение „... а то затопчут“.

Побеждает более приспособленный. Более знающий. Более хитрый и умный. Например, по-русски читают немногие, а нам для того, чтобы что-то обсудить между собой, можно выбирать из двух языков, что совершенно меняет подход к делу. В общем, как оказалось, западное общество деградирует во всём. Воистину парадокс. Да, и гуманный подход „лежачего не бьют“ здесь тоже имеет место быть. Только снова все забывают в этой известной фразе очень важное продолжение: Лежачего не бьют. Его пристреливают.

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