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[ L ] Memory glasses


The Memory Glasses project is an attempt to build a wearable, proactive, context-aware memory aid based on the MIThril platform and wearable sensors. The primary goal of this project is to produce an effective short-term memory aid and reminder system that requires a minimum of the wearer's attention.

The function of our system is to deliver reminders to the wearer in a timely, situation-appropriate way, without requiring intervention on the part of the wearer beyond the initial request to be reminded. In other words, the system behaves like a reliable human assistant that remembers reminder requests and delivers them under appropriate circumstances. Such a system is qualitatively different from a passive reminder system (such as a paper organizer) or a context blind reminder system (a modern PDA) which records and structures reminder requests but which can not know the user's context.


Инфостёкла и контекстные механизмы — это здорово. И очень сильно обнадёживает, особенно в контексте.


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