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[ L ] „Хлебные крошки“ — изучение частоты использования


In an attempt to better understand how, when, or even if, users use breadcrumb navigation in a real-time online environment, we conducted an exploratory study to determine if participants use breadcrumbs when given a list of items to find on a website. In addition, we were interested in monitoring what other navigational methods they use to access information or e-commerce items (i.e., Back button, navigation bars, search).


This exploratory study was conducted to determine whether participants used the breadcrumb trail as a navigational tool within a site. We found the overall usage of the breadcrumb in site navigation to be low. Breadcrumb users were not found to be more efficient than users who did not use the breadcrumb. Participants used a variety of navigational means, such as the Back button, left and top navigation bars, and searching to find the information instead of or in addition to the breadcrumb tool.

Eighty-nine percent of the participants reported seeing a breadcrumb path on the sites; however, it is not known if the participants understood the function of the breadcrumb path. Although we designed the tasks to aid the users' learning by choosing items that repeated the same main and subcategories, participants did not utilize the breadcrumb tool. Future studies should investigate whether users understand the purpose of the breadcrumb path, and if training to use this navigational tool aids their search efficiency and mental model of the site.


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