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  1. Whither the Middle East Information Revolution?
    It is unlikely that most Middle Eastern and North African countries will fully enjoy an information revolution during the next decade; they have too many impediments and too few resources, according to a new report.

  2. How to Engage Dangerous Foreign Leaders: Understanding the Hubris-Nemesis Complex
    Powerful leaders may have a special dangerous mindset, and attempts to deal with such leaders can be disastrously counterproductive. A prescient report from 1994 offers a framework for understanding certain foreign leaders during future crises and conflicts.

  3. The Benefits of Lower National Fertility Rates
    Reducing high fertility rates can help nations benefit economically, but only if other social welfare policies are in place.

  4. In the News: Preparing for War
    RAND researchers have commented nationwide about a possible war with Iraq, on such topics as how we should make our decision, the role of European politics, the question of what a "just war" is, and whether a draft is necessary.

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  6. More About RAND
    RAND -- the first to be called a "think tank" -- is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.

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