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[ L ] CSS/edge — страшные выходки с таблицами стилей


Welcome to the edge
What is this? It's a challenge, an experiment, an exploration, a rough map of where we haven't been. It's a search for new ways to approach Web-based design. It's a cry for creativity, and a stab at innovation. It's a playground and a proving ground. It's a rejection of what's practical in favor of what's possible.

Expanding our horizons
For the last seven years, we've been pushing Web design further and further down the same path. Once we found out that we could take tables and bend them into design, we jumped all over the idea. But at their heart, tables are grids, their rows and cells strict and confining. We could change their shapes, yes, but only in groups. We spanned the rows and columns in search of more flexibility, trying to sneak our way around the limitations. But there, in amongst those rows and cells, we got trapped into a certain way of thinking: this was possible and that was not; this could be done but that was too much effort to be worthwhile.


Попробуйте выделить фрагмент текста в правом слое (я пытался выделить Eric A.Meyer, после чего плюнул на эту затею). Спасибо дорогому dixi за напоминание об.

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