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[ M ] лучший друг девушки — сиди-плеер, если кто не знал // Puutarhassa

Уже рядом с курсором вашей мыши

Pekka Streng

Горячие финские парни это, оказывается, зажгли так.


This is a true Finnish classic! First time released on Streng's second LP "Kesдmaa" ("Summerland") in 1972, it has become a cult classic. I always thought this song was otherwise perfect, but just too short.

So this new release is very welcome as it includes an extended edit of the song. As the name "Puutarhassa" ("In The Garden") suggests, the lyrics are about plants and trees and flowers.

The best part must be when Pekka sings (in Finnish): "Annabella dances in the garden where she goes around watering the sprouts / Roope-The-Hat tells them stories because flowers are good listeners" (Annabella tanssii puutarhassa missд kiertдд taimia kastelemassa /Roope-Hattu kertoo niille tarinoita, sillд kukat ovat hyviд kuuntelijoita")


Интересно, мою любовь с её горячими финскими кровями это вставит?

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