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[ L ] Утренняя доза здорового смеха // Best war reporters: The Russians?



[ • ] Personally, I believe the US media to be the most reliable when it comes to trying to sort out the facts. This is because Americans actually expect popular media outlets to report factual information, and when those expectations aren't met, there is a price to pay on the part of the media outlet. For example, if Network A were to report that only 5 Americans have died in combat thus far, it wouldn't take long for competing Network B to broadcast interviews with 10 families who have lost loved ones, thus proving that Network A is inferior, and thus winning over more American news consumers, and thus being able to charge more for advertising, etc.


Competing networks, ага. Точно-точно.


[ • ] I have little doubt that the Russians have ways of listening in to at least some US communications in Iraq--but even if they do, and even if the "GRU" really exists, it is absolutely inconceivable that "Venik"--or any one at IRAQWAR.RU, for that matter--could get their hands on Russian military briefings of that nature.


Отлично просто — „этого не может быть, потому что не может быть ни-ког-да“! Запомните этого Натана Ченга, медиа-эксперта. 0116, тебе это понравится — стада зомбированных американцев в естественной среде.


[ • ] I find it inconceivable, given the state-of-the-art in encryption technology (not to mention the open source availability of strong encryption algorithms) that the US military would base its command-and-control communication infrastructure on an obsolete form of communication encryption technology from WW II.

This article claims that the US military spent US$176 million in 2000 on military encryption.

What I would find far more likely is that US counterintelligence is generating these plausibly bona-fide signals with weak encryption to confuse the enemy with false information, giving the Iraqis a false signal to jam, and obfuscating the real command-and-control signals.

James Yonan
Founder, OpenVPN project


Человеческий идиотизм бесконечен. Впрочем, про то, что в условиях боевых действий и вообще в реальных условиях всё не так гладко, как в теории, товарищу уже ответили, конечно, и всё равно — допускать такие грубые ошибки, так наивно оценивать реальные перспективы и события... Что, эти люди не знают историю вообще?

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