:: urbansheep (urbansheep) wrote,
:: urbansheep

[ L ] MicroDocuments: What You Should Know

Weblogs, mobile telephone text messages, and emails are all examples of new document types that have entered our world. Fact is, these are also some of the most powerful document types that have ever existed. Why are these documents becoming so popular? What does the Internet now seem to be a location where the shorter and more focused document is so prevalent? Welcome to the era of the microdocument that contain microcontent. The information era is driven by microdocuments; through searching databases containing only microdocuments, we locate other microdocuments that summarize, collate, compare and contrast information in other micorodocuments that then point to books, magazines, news and academic articles. The role of microdocuments has relevance to the information seeker, the information composer and knowledge workers of all types.

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