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[ L ] Gensler

Our goal is to harness design's ability to empower people and transform organizations.

We are an entrepreneurial firm, flat and non-hierarchical, that emphasizes teamwork, innovation, and the creation of real value. We've organized ourselves around our clients, and our goal is to work effectively with them wherever they have a presence.

We work across the economy, benchmarking our clients for best practices. That's led us to invest in learning and technology, streamline the delivery of our services, and share knowledge across our global network of teams to benefit our clients and projects.

In 2000, we won the Architecture Firm Award of the American Institute of Architects, America's highest award to a collaborative design practice. The AIA cited us as a model for the design professions in the 21st century.

And we've won three Business Week Design Awards since 1998 for work that exemplifies how great design is informed by great strategy. We are the strategic partners of our clients, achieving the performance they need—and the added value they desire.

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