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[ L ] Is Jabber's Chatbot the Command Line of the Future?


Consider for a moment what this command line of the future might look like. More and more people are online. More and more people are permanently connected, whether it be through DSL, cable, or 802.11 technology. And more and more of these people are communicating. Talking. Having conversations. In addition to email and Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, the (relatively) new kid on the block, Instant messaging (IM), is playing a huge part in facilitating these conversations. And in the same way that it's common for us to have a command prompt or three sitting on our graphical desktop, it's also becoming common to have chat windows more or less permanently open on the desktop too.

But when thinking of IM, why stop at conversations with people? The person-to-application (P2A) world isn't the exclusive domain of the Web. Bots, applications or utilities that have their interface as a projection of a persona into the online chat world, are a great and fun way to bring people and applications together in a conversational way.

Interacting with a bot is the same as interacting with a person: type something to it and it replies. And what's more, because of the similarities between a classic command-line prompt and that of a chat window, where you're talking with a bot--both scenarios are text-based--interaction with a bot is scriptable. Furthermore, with voice-recognition software and text-to-speech translations, and a following wind, you could even interact with a bot over the phone! (With SMS (Short Message Service) this is, of course, already possible, and a lot easier to achieve)


Как ни смешно, но для ISM такую штуку мы уже пробовали реализовать, правда, как сейчас выясняется, подошли не с того конца. Мы решили, что оно должно быть живым. А оно должно быть не живым, а прикидывающимся живым, и заточенным под совсем другие задачи. В этом был наш значительный промах — чатботы это не искин, это нечто совсем другое.

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