:: urbansheep (urbansheep) wrote,
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[ L ] Morons in Web Space: правила хорошего тона для веб-авторов


Are you a brain-dead website author?  You probably are, if you've been "directed" to read this page.  You probably had one of those offensive, "upgrade your browser" demand notices on your website, too.  When what's really needed, is for the website to be upgraded.  Stop being a nuisance, and learn how to write websites properly!

For anybody else who's stumbled across this page, this isn't going to be a lesson in how to write websites, there's plenty of material on that (there's links to some, near the end of this page).

This page has been written, as I've encountered website after website which was badly written; with new sections added as I've discovered yet more annoying and stupid sites.  There's a bit of information repeated in sections, to re-inforce the point being made, and avoiding having to scroll back and forth between sections.



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