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[ QU ] Что случилось с Киокен, часть вторая

И тут (там) посреди разговора появляется Джошуа Дэвис буквально пять дней назад (тогда я и вспомнил о К, не иначе — глобальный синхропинг и всё такое), и рассказывает нам всем следующее:


hi - thought I'd jump in.


don't believe everything you read - we didn't make, nor charged the type of prices people thought we did - barney's was made for about 50k I think.

anyway... this story is very long, but I hope I can clear up some small points without writing a novel.

1. I wasn't a founder, just an employee.

2. Kioken was owned by Peter Kang and Gene Na - and they Sold Kioken to a larger Ad Agency (epb) - so kioken was a studio under an umbrella of other companies.

When the dot com crash hit - we were the only company under the umbrella that was making money, because of this we were supporting all the other companies under the umbrella that were failing - so you can see how over a period of time all the other failing companies would eventually drag us down.

the final moment was Sept. 11th - the economy came to a stand still and we could no longer support everything and all companies closed.

3. kioken UK was started by 2 former kioken members, ant & otto, and I think use the name kioken UK as a separate company - having no ties at all to the original kioken.

4. most original kioken members have disbursed to new projects...

Pete and Gene worked on a documentary film on the Street Fighter Video Game culture called "bang the machine".

Mike Sheppard (who I did motown with) - http://www.baseinc.net is now working at http://www.wddg.com.

Erik Wysocan (who I did barneys with) - has been jamming freelance stuff - http://www.anyorganization.com

my assistant - Futaba Hayashi - http://www.futabita.com now works at RockStar Games - http://www.rockstargames.com

my other assistant - Alex Chen - runs tons of kick ass work off of his site at http://www.carbonatedjazz.com

And I started my own studio with Branden Hall - http://www.joshuadavis.com | joshua davis studios.

and there you have it.

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Потрясающе обыденно и знакомо. Ещё один кейс из Искусства Управления.

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