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[ M ] Mum — Finally We Are No One


Finally We Are No One is sedate and dreamy, very like Boards of Canada, where ambient textures come fused with fuzzy beats. Occasionally it stirs into more vigorous life, for instance on We Have A Map Of The Piano, but for the most part the formula remains unchanged. High-pitched tones give a childlike quality, while breathy vocals in sweet, naive, heavily-accented English sing lyrics like 'when I'm swimming through a tunnel/I shut my eyes'. The voice, after a while, feels a bit drippy, expressing only a wistful melancholy.


Кто скучал по исландским группам? Кому не хватило Sigur Ros? Иное по настроению, представляющееся мне чем-то средним между, собственно, Sigur Ros и The Flaming Lips, электронно-волшебное... С I Can't Feel My Hand Any More, It's Alright, Sleep Still в качестве аккомпанимента к отходящим ко сну лесам.

Хорошей вам ночи... И доброго утра.

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