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Вау. Вау... Вау!


The Library Concept

Most library users know the general structure of Melvil Dewey's decimal classification. First published in 1876, the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) divides knowledge into ten main classes, with further subdivisions. More than 200,000 libraries in 135 countries use the DDC to organize their book collections. Its simple and logical framework is based on the principle of decimal fractions as class marks, which are expandable to make further subdivisions.

The Library Hotel in New York City is the first hotel ever to offer its guest over 6,000 volumes organized throughout the hotel by the DDC. Each of the 10 guestrooms floors honors one of the 10 categories of the DDC and each of the 60 rooms is uniquely adorned with a collection of books and art exploring a distinctive topic within the category or floor it belongs to.


Слов нет. Идея совершенно безумная, и при этом — красивая, интересная, свежая и тонкая. Море восторга.

Впрочем, в последние дни прославился тем, что за фривольное использование категоризационной системы стал ответчиком по иску от онлайнового центра компьютерных библиотек (Online Computer Library Center, OCLC).


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