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[ L ] Fluid Navigation

Странно, мне казалось, что на это интерфейсное решение мне уже приходилось в журнале делать ссылку. Оказывается, что нет.


Fluid Nav

The most important reason why I don't like the nav is that it amplifies my mouse movements so dramatically. Things happen much faster than I intuitively feel that they should, and the feel of solidity that I normally like so much in UIs is completely missing.

Another major problem with the UI is that the icons move. My reasoning for providing this facility was that the icons would appear to be moving "towards" you. When you move your mouse left, the icons move right - so you don't have to move as far to get to them. Seems like a good idea until you try to use it. It seems like what's happening is that the brain cannot get used to the fact that the icons move. We're so trained to think that icons are glued in place, that when they move we cannot react to the fact that they aren't where they used to be. I repeatedly found myself going for the place where the icon was the moment before.

So, for future reference, animating icons' positions is not a very good idea.


  • Fluid Navigation Panes @ youngpup.net
    • Пример 1 — дикий и неуловимый
    • Пример 2 — правильно реагирующий (вернее, не реагирующий) на движение мыши в каждой из панелей, и также правильно отвечающий на желание мыши сменить панель

А также: Оконный интерфейс без трёхмерности (no z-index) @ urbansheep.

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