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[ L ] Как ненавидеть Microsoft


So, hate our fenders. Er, our APIs. Hate Indigo. Hate Aero. Hate Avalon. Hate XAML. Hate WinFS. Hate our security model. Our app delivery model. Hate our compositing engine. Hate it all.

Just tell us how to make it so that you can't hate it anymore.


Oh, a couple of other tips, here's a few ways to really get our goat:

  1. Say “I have all that stuff on my Mac today.”
  2. Say “a four-year-old Linux developer could make a better API than that.”
  3. Say “wake me up when it ships.”
  4. Say “you should have open sourced it.”
  5. Say “it's too boring to hate.”
  6. Say “I'll stick with XP cause I like the UI better there.”
  7. Say “I hope there's still a bunch of security holes cause I'm on Linux and I can't make fun of you guys if you close them all.”
  8. Say “XAML shmamel. Just give me HTML and be done with it.”
  9. Say “why can't we go back to Windows 95?”


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