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[ L ] Условная вероятность и её колебания

К вопросу о крошке Шредингера в контекстах, влиянии информации на информацию и о связи вероятностей с познанием в реальном мире.


Now this is pretty low level stuff, but that is what I think is so interesting. Its like sleight of hand slowed down. Makes me wonder what is going on metaphysically as the new information arrives? Is that what information does to the world -- changes the likelihood of outcomes?


From comments: It is weird. The question doesn't ask which age is the boy or girl, but the sequence changes the probabilies. Think of like this: would you rather guess the sum of two dies before you throw them both, or after you throw the first one?

It actually took gamblers centuries to realize that sequence (BG, GB) and set (2 kids: 1 B, 1 G) were two different things.


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