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Читать каждое утро. Каждый день и вечер.
Читать и думать о том, что происходит и учиться тому, как лично ты можешь сделать всё лучше.


Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology Roberto Amaral proposed Monday that international lenders forgive portions of developing world debt in exchange for commitments by those countries to fund scientific and technological research and education - a debt-for-science swap.



Ingenieurs sans Frontieres/ Engineers without Borders is sending volunteer engineers all over the world to help local people learn to solve their technical problems, doing stuff like providing IT support for the Propoor Info-tech Centre in India and low-energy lighting in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka; helping people in long-term refugee camps in Zambia with food processing infrastructure; improving local milk processing in Peru and shea nut processing in Burkina Faso; assessing the environmental impact and benefits of community dams in Nepal; doing waste management, sanitation and hygiene promotion work in La Paz, Boliva and Cameroon; working on innovative solutions for rural water supply in Tamil Nadu, India, Cameroon, Kenya, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Haiti and Cambodia; helping to build an IT center and provide water and science education in Uganda... the list goes on.


P.S.: Киотский протокол сосёт, хотя продвигающие его и многие другие уверены в обратном.

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