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[ Q ] XML Tuple Space


The concept of a tuple space was first described in 1982 in a programming language called Linda. The basic idea is that you can have many active programs distributed over physically dispersed machines, unaware of each other's existence, and yet still able to communicate. They communicate to each other by releasing data (a tuple) into tuple space.

Programs read, write, and take tuples (entries) from tuple space that are of interest to them. In general, a tuple is simply a list of values, such as (12, 7, 48) or ("ra", "gg", "mo", "pp") or ("Dave", 33, 125.7). A tuple-space is a public repository or buffer that can contain tuples. The tuple-space serves as an associative memory, in that tuples in the tuple-space can be accessed by matching some or all the elements of the tuples to values or types presented in a template, which is simply a tuple set up for this matching. Client programs can register to be notified of changes in a tuple-space.


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