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[ L ] StoryLines


StoryLines has been designed by a published writer to speed up the business of creating and structuring fiction, whether your project is a novel, a screenplay or a short story.

The motivation behind StoryLines is the observation that production of a linear document is only the last stage of a process that starts off with a collection of relatively unstructured ideas. StoryLines deals principally with chunks of creativity, which are important to write down well before they are ordered in a linear form.

In addition, it's difficult to plan multiple strands of a story in a linear document. StoryLines frees you from the tyrrany of conventional word processing and helps you arrange your ideas along as many lines as you like. This is extremely important in reducing block and giving your ideas space to breathe before committing to a particular order. When you're at the stage of writing the linear story, you can view and export your story as a report, loading it into the word processor or screenwriting formatting software of your choice.

Unlike some tools, StoryLines does not try to tell you how to write your story, interrupting your flow with questionnaires and baffling terminology. The only structure StoryLines imposes on the user is the structure the user wants to create. It doesn't nag or nanny. It simply makes the whole job a lot easier, clearer, and more fun.


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