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[ Q ] Как подсаживаются на рассказывание историй

С учётом, конечно, того, что это обработанная по правилам маркетингового буллшита, история:



Thirty years ago, at 7:30am on a Tuesday, I stood facing a roomful of restless pre-adolescents. Unexpectedly, I had been placed in front of 70 of them with the instructions, "They can't use the playground because of the rain. Keep them busy until the other teachers get here."

I looked out over their faces, which revealed 10% hopefulness that I'd say something interesting, and 90% cynicism that any adult ever could. Their bodies were slumped, their arms were folded. They were challenging me to interest them.

Not knowing what else to do, I began to tell a story. Within moments, their postures changed. Their arms lowered to their sides. Their faces relaxed. Their eyes rolled slightly back. Best of all, they remained entranced throughout the fifteen minutes of the story.

I had no way of knowing it, but those fifteen minutes were to change my life. Over the next years, I followed the "story response" of children and adults - out of my teaching job, into free-lance performing, and finally into my role as a storytelling coach.

I became part of the storytelling revival, which has swept from classrooms and bedrooms into theaters and boardrooms. I wrote books, performed at festivals, recorded video and audio, coached individuals, and offered workshops and corporate trainings.


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