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[ L ] Packaging Change - Designs on Democracy


Packaging Change - Designs on Democracy

In a world where information flows are still all too frequently sclerotic with "infotainment," corporate PR and media conglomerate conflicts-of-interest, people trying to spread important but uncomfortable (or simply unprofitable) ideas need to know how to hack the media. Luckily, models for doing just that are spreading rapidly.

Some of the finest media hackers around - folks like the Ruckus Society and Design Action Collective - will be meeting in March to share notes at the Designs on Democracy conference. There, folks will talk about how to use graphic design, strategic communications, issue advertising, guerrilla marketing and direct action, and technology tools to spread the word on what needs to change and how to change it. I've consulted on strategic communications with quite a few campaigns, and Designs on Democracy looks like the real deal.

(via the always excellent Social Design Notes)


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